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Shenzi and Oga


Rockaway Beach (NYC), Monrovia (Liberia), Dakar (Senegal), Bali (Indonesia)

Shenzi and Oga offer, for your delectation, assorted original collages, thematically organized, intended to be celebratory, provocative or gently numbing. These have been created in sketchbooks or on pieces of cardboard, gradually accumulating layers of paint, text, strangeness and cultural artifacts in a relationship-sustaining, years-long dialogue


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Jack Hughman

Our vision is to create beautiful websites that are easy to customize.


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Various Manifestos

in which we share detailed images of larger collages, spontaneous and incomplete narrative context (spurious or otherwise), delicious component parts of future collages not yet integrated, and the unclassifiable (usually grateful, sometimes mad)


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New York, NY

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560 West 59th Street, Suite 1001, San Francisco CA, 230974


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